Sun Metals Systems
Sun Metals Systems is an innovative manufacturer of commercial glazing systems that meet the high-performance demands of the Continental U.S..  The company offers a comprehensive line of hurricane-resistant products, including architectural windows, doors and curtain wall systems, that meet even the most demanding specifications. 

All Sun Metal systems are designed in-house with a focus on quality and cost, resulting in maintenance-free, cost-competitive products. Sun Metals is also committed to meeting and exceeding energy efficiency standards.  Its thermally broken systems, insulated glass makeups and high-performance glass coatings offer customers the highest energy performance possible.
Sun Metals Product Portfolio

Impact-Resistant Products
  • Series 250-V, Project Out Window (view)
  • Series 250-H, Project In Window (view)
  • Series 250-C, Casement Window (view)
  • Series 275-HW, Single Hung Window (view)
  • Series 275-F, Fixed Window (view)
  • Series 450 Fixed Window Wall (view)
  • Series 550 Fixed Window Wall (view)
  • Series 650 Fixed Window Wall (view)
  • Series 700 Curtain Wall (view)
  • SunDor 5000 Sliding Glass Door (view)

Thermally Broken Products (impact-resistant)
  • Series 300-V, Project Out Window (view)
  • Series 300-C, Casement Window (view)
  • Series 400-HW, Single Hung Window (view)
  • Series 400-SW, Horizontal Roller (view)
  • Series 400 Fixed Window & Window Wall (view)
  • Series 600T Fixed Window Wall   (view)
  • SunDor 4000 Terrace Patio Door (view)

Specialty Products
  • Aluminum & Glass Handrails (view)
  • Blast Glazing Systems (view)
  • Acoustical Glazing Systems (view)
Sun Metals Corporate Headquarters
Sun Metals offers unitized glazing systems
Sun Metals Products are designed to meet the hurricane building codes
Sun Metals designs and engineers its own products
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